Waste Treatment

Food waste mainly refers to the easily perishable and biodegradable  wastes produced from the food processing and food consumption. The wastes are perishable when the temperature is high, with poor dewatering performance and bad smell.   

our treatment method:

Liquefied Natural Gas [LNG] tank ships look different from regular tank ships carrying oil and chemicals. Most LNG tank ships have two hulls, so that, if a collision or grounding punctures the outer hull, the ship will still float and the LNG will not spill out. LNG tanks are either spherical (and the upper half of the sphere sticks out above the deck), or box-shaped. The ships tend to ride high in the water, even when loaded. A typical LNG ship is 950 feet long and 150 feet wide, and many new ships being built are even bigger.

  • Intelligent transport monitor system
  • Pretreatment separation system
  • Anaerobic biogas and electricity generation system
  • Organic fertilizer production system
  • Biodiesel production system
  • Wastewater treatment system

WHAT IS food waste?




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