Services overview

Power Project

Refineries Project


Developed a 300 MW Fuel Oil fired Power Project with the assistance of one of the major European Company involved in the supply of Power in the USA and Europe.

Chem-Energy has developed refinery projects with the capacity of 12,000 Barrels Per day, 30,000 Barrels Per day and 55,000 Barrels per day.

Chem-Energy can make arrangement for the supply of  kinds of petrochemicals on bulk basis both in the USA and from the international market.

Renewable Project

Project Financing

Power Supplies

Chem-Energy provides kinds of renewable projects, such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass and so on.

Chem-Energy can offer full scale study of the project and make the feasibility available to the project financier or the principal to warrant if the project is feasible.

Chem-Energy offer power supply to be  used by the  hotels and the industrial locations which have gas to their facilities.


Consulting Services

Engineering and Design

Chem-energy provides kinds of management consulting services, like risk management, fuel management services, project management & development.

Chem-energy provides many  consulting services, like retail & wholesale marketing support, refining profitability studies, on-site seminars & training, negotiation support and so on.

Chem-energy can provide engineering and design consulting and solutions to meet different requirements.

Chem-Energy provides consulting services to the companies which would like to joint venture on its potential projects in the USA and at overseas locations.

Striving to excellence in service we provide

Exploration and production

Chem-Energy Corporation has been actively involved in Exploration and Productions. Chem-Energy Corporation has an objective for a diverse business with a common goal to serve the various industries and the communities satisfying the needs of the customers.

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