Project Development

Chem-energy has expertise to develop the following project:


power plant

Developed a 300 MW Fuel Oil fired Power Project with the assistance of one of the major European Company involved in the supply of Power in the USA and Europe.


At present time the company is in the process of developing a power plant with the capacity of 100MW.

small re-conditioned power plants

Chem-Energy can also offer small re-conditioned power plants on turn key basis to small industry with a capacity of 2 MW to 15 MW. The cost of these plants on turn key basis is 60% less than the new one. Chem-Energy will operate and manage these plants and issue the necessary warranties, as may be required on turnkey basis.

project financing

1. Crude oil Refineries

2. Petrochemical Plants

3. Power Plants based upon Coal, Thermal Fuels and natural Gas.

4. Bio Diesel Plants

5. Wind Power projects

Based upon the location of the plant and the availability of the initial funds, the project can be developed with in a period of three to six months.

The company has developed refinery projects with the capacity of 12,000 Barrels Per day, 30,000 Barrels Per day and 55,000 Barrels per day. The development included the re-location of the refineries from the USA to various international locations. The company can make available the refineries of various capacities both used and new in a very short time. The company has good team of engineers who are available and willing to relocate for the project at the location where the plant is to be installed.


Chem-Energy has also developed a Refinery Project in Vietnam to process Tiger Crude oil in Joint Venture with a Japanese Company. This project is on hold and waiting for clearance from the USA government, since the project is based upon US AID, where the involvement of USA Company is essential. In addition, a crude oil refinery project is in progress in Southern part of China with a capacity of 120,000 BPD.

Chem-Energy can offer full scale study of the project and make the feasibility available to the project financier or the principal to warrant if the project is feasible. It can also identify and negotiate with the banks and the equity investors for the project. Chem-Energy's financial team has good sources of financing the project, who will, based upon the credibility of the sponsor of the project will make available the necessary funds for the project development.




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