Shuja H. Zaidi

chairman of the board

As President and the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr Zaidi is responsible for the Business Development and looking for new opportunities in the growing markets.  He has carried out business in Europe, South America, Far East, Middle East and the United States and has several years of experience in the oil and shipping industry. He has opened offices for the group companies and started new operations at various locations. He has very good relationship with major oil and shipping companies including some power and natural gas suppliers, both in the USA and abroad. Mr. Zaidi, along with the Business Development, also controls the marketing and the operations of the company. He started his career as a Chemist and has worked in operations as well as Trader for the refined Petroleum Products and LPG. Mr Zaidi has also been member of API, ASTM and Fellow of the Institute of Petroleum in London. UK. He has been involved as team leader in the merger and acquisition of various companies for the group. Mr Zaidi has visited several countries and met a number of high level government officials in various countries.




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