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Chem-Energy can make arrangement for the supply of the following petrochemicals on bulk basis both in the USA and from the international market.

toluene specifications

Pure Aromatic Hydro Carbon. Its highly solvent Power combined with a fast evaporation rate, makes it one of the most commonly used solvent. It's widely used in lacquer thinner formulation and as a diluent in enamels for spray applications.

The printing industry uses Toluene or blend of Toluene and aliphatic Solvents as carrier for inks used in high speed printing presses.


It is also used in rubber and adhesive industries where high solvency Power than that of Hexane and Fluden 512 is required. It is also used a feed stock in the manufacturing of TNT  (Tri Nitro Toluene), TDI and other chemicals.


Toluene meets ASTM D841 for Nitration grade Toluene.

Product Specifications

Physical Properties

These are the typical specs of Toluene and not necessarily guaranteed by Chem-Energy Corporation or its trading partners.

specifications FOR XYLENE

specifications FOR ethanol

specifications FOR anhydrous alcohol


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Mixed Xylene

96% Ethanol

Anhydrous Alcohol

Chemicals are the important commodities of every one's life. From home to the office, from one place to another, every day life, we use chemicals. The most important chemicals used in our daily life are: 1. Xylene 2.Toloune




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