Chem-Energy Corporation was incorporated as a Nevada Corporation on June 08, 1990.


A petroleum products trading company, refiner of the crude oil, and a developer of projects related to refineries, power and petrochemicals. We are also distributors of degreasers and lubricants, including motor oils. We also manage and operate oil terminals and vessels that carry crude oil and refined petroleum products.


Chem-Energy also provides consulting services to the companies which would like to joint venture on its potential projects in the USA and at overseas locations. Chem-Energy has studied projects jointly, with major oil and trading companies in the Far East, Middle East, South America and in Europe.


The Principals of the company come from various backgrounds which includes, oil, power, natural & liquefied gases and chemicals trading, refining, shipping, financing, environmental and engineering.


The major function of the company is to trade petroleum products and process crude oil at various locations. The trading of the petroleum products is carried out both in the domestic as well as the international market.


Chem-Energy Corporation has an objective for a diverse business with a common goal to serve the various industries and the communities satisfying the needs of the customers and build up a good relationship with its suppliers. Chem-Energy and its associated companies have a vision to innovate and participate in the new ideas and ventures.


Chem-Energy with a staff of international experience can offer the services in Project Development, Management related to Oil, Gas and Power including Refineries. The services include the complete feasibility study, engineering, permits from the governments, joint ventures, arranging Capital and necessary financing of the project from the consortium of banks to complete the project and operate before it is handed over to the owners.


The company has also sponsored a web site with the name of energyontheweb.com   this site serves and provide information on the oil, chemical, Power, gas and Environmental companies. The site has also added the banks, the laboratories/ independent inspection companies, shipping companies and various search engines which serve the energy and oil sectors in the USA and overseas. This site which is now available will also provide services to the general public who are looking for competitive electricity and natural gas. The site can be accessed by at the address energyontheweb.com .


The company trades in petroleum products which includes Diesel Fuels, Jet Fuels and (Bunker) Marine Fuels. Chem-Energy can supply, Chemicals to the domestic and the international market. The chemicals include, degreasers, lubricant and solvents for chemical industry.

Trading of the Petroleum Products, which included, gasoline, Diesel Fuels, Bunker Fuels and in some instances the crude oil. Company has also been a supplier of Chemicals to various industries.


In addition to the above, Chem-Energy Corporation is actively planning itself for the trading of Power and Natural Gas in the USA. With Power being deregulated in California, which consumes more than 30% Electricity of the nation, Chem-Energy expect to achieve at least half percent of the business, which comes to a value of US dollars one billion. Power is 300 billion dollars market in the USA with US dollars hundred billion in California alone.


Chem-Energy maintains an office in Pakistan with affiliated companies in Geneva, Monaco, London, Bombay, Panama and Seoul for its International operation.


The officers and the board of directors of Chem-Energy come from different sector with its expertise in the domestic and International Market. This includes, Trading and refining of Crude Oil, petroleum products, Natural Gas, Power, Shipping, Construction, Engineering and Environmental.


Any information about Chem-Energy and its affiliated companies can be made available to the interested parties after an agreement of Confidentiality is signed between the two parties. Further information can be sent upon request.




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